Tier 18 - Hellfire Citadel - Tier Distribution

Tier 18 DPS Set Piece gain per spec.

This small spreadsheet will help you in deciding who should get which setpiece by looking at the average dps-gain per spec.

Please note that these are simulated values (using simcraft) and will probably differ in an actual encounter.
Neither do these calculation take into account the possibility of still wearing a t17 2set.

Special Kudos go out to ckernan2 on reddit for providing the initial spreadsheet.

class spec token 0P 4P T17 2P+2P 4P T18 2P T18 T18 2P Gain (%) 2P+2P Gain (%) 2P+2P - 4P T18 Gain (%) 0P-4P T18 Gain (%) 4P T17 - 2P-2P Gain (%) 4P T17 - 4P T18 Gain (%)

Simulated dps for 0- 2- and 4-set (and combinations)

An overview of the dps-gain (%) for 2- and 4set (and combinations)