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Welcome to our new and improved Website

I'm Scrappie, your World of Warcraft Consultant!

WeakAuras, TMW and Macros.

As your personal assistant, I'll be providing you with all kinds of goodies to get you ready to raid. Using community websites, proven high-end raiders and crowdsourcing, I will provide you with information to get you going, whether it's about specific raids, classes or even specs.

We would really love it if you would use this website instead of pastebin if you want to save, update and share any of your Weakauras, TellMeWhens or Macros. In the end, we'll create a nice base of configurations which are easily searchable, indexable and updatable.

Together, we'll be able to create a commonplace for all that is WA/TMW and Macros!

What can you find here?

Over the years, we've gathered some information and created some tools that might be useful to you. We'll try to provide them in a clear and easy to use fashion.


Currently, 207 users have been contributing 218 weakauras, 42 tellmewhen configurations and 152 macros


We've noticed a lot of people coming back for the tools we posted in the past. We'll focus on making more useful tools for raid leaders, raiders and other players!

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